Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from counselling sessions?

I understand that coming to counselling for the first time can feel daunting and strange. 

In the first session, we will establish a contract which will outline what you can expect professionally from me and we can discuss what you are looking to resolve through the sessions through talking.

The sessions last for 50 minutes and I recommend regular meetings, usually weekly, although this is flexible depending on your needs.


How many sessions will I need?

For some people, 6-12 sessions may be all they need to help them through a difficult time. However, I offer long and short term therapy and this will be dependant upon your needs and requirements.


Is it confidential?


The sessions are private and apart from a few legal exceptions, which we will discuss in the first session, what is said within the therapy room will go no further.


What if I find it hard to talk?

That's ok.

It's not unusual to find it hard to know where to start, especially if it''s an issue you may have bottled up or felt on your own with for a while. 

A lot of people find talking to a professionally qualified therapist who is not involved in the situation, easier and makes solutions clearer than talking to friends or family.




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